Meet our team


Our core team counts up to about 120 years of life experience and a combined 45+ years of healthcare IT experience. And when we count the years of our trusted advisory board, it adds up to many years of acquired knowledge that is the foundation of our company. 

And now, as our company is evolving, we are gradually expanding our team with talented software developers, sales guru’s, support specialists and logistics officers to realize this growth. Stay tuned!

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Executive team

Maarten Meelkop

Managing Director

With over 18 years of commercial experience in the healthcare industry, Maarten has lead diverse product development projects as well as new product introductions in healthcare markets.

In previous positions in both innovative healthcare start-up companies and large medical device manufacturers, Maarten has been operating in project management and product development roles between commercial operations and development teams.

Pieter Goedhart

Director of Business Development

Pieter Goedhart has performed multiple consultancy assignments for medical devices in the field of Cardiology, Vascular Surgery, Radiology, Neurology, Internal Medicine and Occupational Health performing business development, program management and commercial activities, in many cases these activities developed into operational roles such as CEO, CCO or Director of marketing and sales. 

Pieter is able to leverage on an extensive clinical network.

Advisory board

Saso Koceski

Science advisor

Saso Koceski has extensive technical knowledge regarding medical device development, acquired from his role in SYNRG IT. He also has an extensive network within the scientific community as well as access to larger clinics, due to his position as a professor at the University of Stip, North Macedonia.

Anton van Limpt

Business advisor

Anton van Limpt has more than 37 years of entrepreneurial business experience in various business including over 10 years as CEO and co-owner of Bestronics B.V., a high-tech manufacturer of electronical systems.

Together with his brother Hans, he won the Entrepreneur of the year award from the Word Trade Center organisation in Eindhoven in 2019, for his continuous efforts in connecting young entrepreneurs in the Eindhoven area. 

Gert-Jan Borghuis

Medical advisor

Gert-Jan Borghuis has been active in healthcare for over 30 years. After his medicine study he soon became involved in ICT in healthcare. To date he still advises boards of directors of hospitals in the Netherlands and Belgium on both strategic and operational ICT issues. His knowledge is leveraged in various post-doctoral courses that he provides for the Erasmus Center for Health Care Management in the Netherlands and Suriname.