Professional care solutions

Innovative bedside monitoring solutions for use in clinic or rehabilitation center

Early detection of deterioration is crucial to prevent death and disability from rapidly fatal conditions such as upper airway obstruction, internal bleeding, sepsis, and respiratory and cardiac arrest. Such monitoring is primarily a nursing task. 

However, nurses on hospital wards must care for increasingly unwell patients. 

On many wards it is only feasible to perform one set of vital sign observations once per nursing shift, typically every 8 hours.

Increasing the intensity of patient observation and vital sign monitoring by more frequent nurse rounds is severely limited by the availability of sufficient numbers of trained nurses and budget constraints.

With Inicare you can continuously watch your patients and intervene when needed

of unanticipated hospital deaths happen on the general ward1

But which patients should you monitor closely?

Inicare helps to identify these patients allowing timely and effective intervention when needed.

of ICU patients are readmitted to intensive care2

Post-ICU monitoring results in a decrease in the number of patient being readmitted to intensive care units3. Inicare helps to continuously monitor these patients allowing timely and effective intervention when needed and reduce ICU readmittance rate.

1, 2,3 References are on file with Inicare