Inicare Nura

smart vital signs monitoring for the general ward population


Inicare Nura is a wearable, wireless system for the automated monitoring of vital signs from patients outside of intensive care.

With the smart strap worn on the patient’s wrist, Inicare Nura accurately and reliably monitors and reports heart rate, blood pressure, saturation and temperature. By notifying hospital staff of unexpected changes in patients’ vital signs, Inicare Nura brings care when and where it is needed.

Inicare Nura is intended for use in low acuity wards in hospitals: patients who are currently not on automated monitoring but who are at risk of deterioration. This includes patients on general wards, post-operative surgery wards and patients waiting before and after treatment in emergency departments.


How we help you.

Detection of patient deterioration

If a patient deteriorates between observation rounds the warning signs can go undetected for hours, potentially leading to serious and costly consequences. Inicare Nura helps to detect early signs of deterioration, notify nursing staff allowing timely intervention. 

Free up time to spend with the patient

In general care areas of the hospital, vital signs are typically taken during routine observation rounds once every eight hours. By automating these manual vital signs measurements Inicare Nura helps to reduce the number of repetitive tasks. Our patient priority score helps to efficiently bring the nurse to a patient when needed. This will free up time to spend with the patient. 

For the hospital

  1. Enable improvements in patient outcomes / improved patient satisfaction scores
  2. Potential reduction of workload and sick leave of nursing staff
  3. No upfront investment, scalable and easy to incorporate in hospital IT infrastructure

For hospital staff

  1. Nurses will have more time with patient
  2. Fully integrated in existing workflow
  3. Customizable to existing hospital protocol

For the patient

  1. Comfortable and light weight
  2. Reassurance of continuous monitoring during admittance
  3. Enhanced sense of safety


Inicare Nura accurately and reliably monitors and transmits patients’ vital signs on a regular yet fully customizable time interval. Notifications of patient deterioration, patient vital signs history and actual vital signs can be viewed at the bedside or at nurse stations in the ward via the patient portal.

Nura smart strap

The Nura smart strap provides accurate and continuous monitoring of four key indicators of vital function: heart-rate (HR), blood pressure (BP) saturation (Sp02) and temperature (T). The smart strap wirelessly communicates the function data via safe and secure low power wireless communication to the Nura smart box, placed right next to the bed.

  • Transmits HR, BP, Sp02 & T
  • 6-8 day battery life
  • Lightweight, wireless, hygienic and comfortable for patients
  • Showerproof (IP67)

Nura smart box

When the Nura smart box receives the sensor data from the smart strap, our smart algorithms calculate accurate and actual vital function values of the patient. This information can be accessed from the bed side but is also shared with EHR and visualized in the ward.

  • Bedside control
  • Connects to hospital LAN/Wi-Fi


Nura server

The Nura server is connected to the hospital IT system to allow patient vital function data to be seamlessly shared with clinical staff where and when they need it most.

Inicare Nura uses industry standard HL7 protocols to easily integrate with the hospital admission, discharge & transfer systems and electronic health  records.

Nura patient portal

The Nura patient portal offers a real-time overview of all patients that are admitted in a specific ward and their actual status. The patient detail screen shows vital signs history in a convenient graph. Alerts can be adjusted and deactivated here by the nurse while a full audit trail is being generated. The portal is accessible via any internet browser at any location in the hospital.


intelligent patient priority score

Inicare Nura calculates an intelligent patient priority score on every measurement, extending the Early Warning Score (EWS) with smart algorithms to be able to deliver the care that is needed, when it is needed.  The Nura IPPS is configurable to match your hospital’s observation policy.

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