Metropolitan region Eindhoven (MRE) today announced that is has granted a financial contribution from its incentive fund to Inicare. The MRE board states that the grant has been awarded for Inicare’s continuing contribution to the economomic structure consolidation of the larger Eindhoven region.

Maarten Meelkop, managing director and founder of Inicare, stated:

“We are delighted and grateful for this recognition among many other strong regional propositions. This is first and foremost strong, positive feedback that our value proposition will have a positive impact on local economy and has the potential to significantly help the healthcare system with effective management of patients through remote patient monitoring. This grant will accelerate our product development in the very near future”.

About Metropolitan Region Eindhoven
The Metropolitan Region Eindhoven is the administrative cooperation between 21 municipalities in the southeast of the province of North Brabant, The Netherlands. The aim of the cooperation within the Eindhoven Metropolitan Area is to maintain and expand the characteristic economic profile of the region, in order to stimulate the business and residential climate for its residents and businesses.

About Inicare
Inicare, founded in Eindhoven in 2018, is an innovative provider of smart monitoring solutions that seek to advance patient care. Inicare solutions facilitate the automated and continuous vital signs monitoring of patients in general wards in the clinic or at home.

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