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What we do

Inicare Nura automates vital sign observations in a hospital ward. 

Our automated continuous monitoring solution offers a real-time patient status overview that help to detect potential post-surgery complications sooner, enabling healthcare professionals to intervene at an early stage. The result is better patient outcome and reduced cost of care. 

Inicare Nura is the only device that can measure heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and saturation from a single location on the body, without the use of wires – a truly wireless system. The solution guarantees patient hygiene, is easy to use for nursing staff and can be rolled out throughout the hospital without costly infrastructure investments.

Nurses will be able to see the condition of the patient without being physically present at the bedside: a major benefit on isolation wards!

Why invest in Inicare?

  • The experienced Inicare core team has worked together on the successful development and commercialization of other medical devices.
  • Beside one patent granted by the Dutch patent office, we have filed an additional US patent to protect our innovative technology.
  • Our product is scalable throughout the hospital and beyond for an application in home care.

Funding to date

Inicare products are built upon research and technology developed with funding from the Rabobank, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, EIT Health, Metropolitan Region Eindhoven, Province of North Brabant, Horizon 2020 Smart4All and LIOF.

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