Inicare presents pilot proposal at Open Health Accelerator demo day

Inicare is excited to announce that it has been selected to present the Inicare Nura vital sign monitoring solution at the Open Health Labs accelerator live demo day.

Of the 10 startups that have been selected and started with the program, only four have made it through the program. On December 7th, the propositions of these startups were presented to the National Health Service of Latvia during a live event in Riga.

Inicare CEO Maarten Meelkop presented the Inicare Nura solution to the audience in co-operation with Aelita Plinta, Medical Doctor and Quality Director of the Jelgava City Hospital.

Inicare CEO Maarten Meelkop and Jelgava City Hospital Aelita Plinta joint presentation

After the event on December 9th, the Open Health Accelerator will decide on which of the pilots will receive support from the accelerator program to go to the next phase.