Our customers

Medical professionals


Inicare Nura improves patient outcome by automating frequent vital signs monitoring on low acuity wards instead of spot check monitoring every 8 hours. Patient deterioration will be noticed earlier enabling timely and effective care.

Nursing staff

Inicare Nura helps to efficiently monitor multiple patients simultaneously by prioritizing care.  Handovers are seamless with the patient history overview. The system is fully integrated in existing workflow and observation policy with no training required.

Healthcare executives

Patients will have an enhanced sense of safety as they will be monitored 24/7 during their stay but remain in less costly low acuity beds instead of costly ICU beds.

Inicare Nura provides a full audit trail, there will be no upfront capital investment or investment in IT infrastructure and there is no need for cleaning of equipment after use.

Hospital IT

The Inicare Nura system will seamlessly integrate with EHR and existing hospital IT infrastructure. Patient data will remain in the hospital, decreasing data integrity risks.