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Where to buy Nura

As Inicare Nura is currently in development phase, the solution is not commercially available yet. We will update this page as soon as we have succesfully acquired regulatory approval. 

Partner with us

We will help your clients advance to better patient outcome and reduced cost of care.

  • Support clinical decision-making for medical staff at general wards
  • Help reduce workload for nursing staff and improve patient care
  • Realize a safer work environment for medical professionals working in Covid wards

How we help you

From beginning to end, we give you access to the information, products and support you need to realize your goals. 

  • We offer training for your staff as well as your clients. 
  • We will also engage in co-marketing campaigns with you, both IRL and online. 
  • We have a dedicated support team at your disposal for implementation and customer support needs.

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