About Inicare

combining smart algorithms and mobile connectivity to help identify the right patient at the right time for effective care.

Who we are

Inicare is an innovative provider of smart monitoring solutions that advance patient care.

Inicare is based in the south of the Netherlands. This region is at the heart of the Euregion area. It transcends national borders and is considered to be a cornerstone in medical science, manufacturing industry and global logistics. 

We thrive in this environment as we explore the frontiers of medical science with artificial intelligence, wearable technology, mobile connectivity and cloud solutions to develop remote patient monitoring applications for use in the clinic and at home.

Why we are here

We believe that technological advancements in patient monitoring will empower healthcare professionals to optimize patient care.

While in western society people grow older than ever before, many develop multiple chronic conditions during their lifetime for which they seek medical assistance. This causes an increasing strain on medical professionals which ultimately reduces the availability of care: an increasing number of patients do not receive timely medical aid. 

From 2017 onwards we looked at the available technology for solutions that could help to reduce that strain as medical science and technology is evolving rapidly. 

It will create new treatment opportunities as well as empower patients and professionals to change current medical practice.

We saw a need for a different kind of application of the technology we found, and we knew it would take a different kind of company to build it. That is why we founded Inicare.

What we do

Our solutions help to automate continuous vital signs monitoring of patients in general wards in the clinic or at home. This saves time and reduces re-admittance rate of ICU or surgery department.

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Where we are going

We want care givers around the world to benefit from our products and help them do their important work.

Inicare provides clinically validated solutions to both patients and medical professionals to assist them with day to day healthcare diagnostics. Starting with the application of our technology for the general population in hospitals and clinics, we will expand our offering in the near future into remote monitoring at home of people who suffer from chronic or infectious disease.