Smart vital signs monitoring

Inicare is an innovative provider of smart monitoring solutions that advance patient care.

Our solutions facilitate the automated and continuous vital signs monitoring of patients in general wards in the clinic or at home

About Inicare

In the last decades there have been significant improvements in diagnostic and therapeutic options.

Still, the continuous monitoring of patient vital signs remains crucial for patients who underwent surgery, those who return to a general ward in the hospital after discharge from a critical care environment, or those receiving continuing care at home.

At Inicare, we build a wearable and fully wireless system for monitoring vital signs* of patients. It combines smart algorithms and mobile connectivity to help identify the right patient at the right time for effective care.

Our solutions

Our smart vital signs monitoring devices can be used in the clinic, or at home

Professional care

Smart bedside monitoring solutions for use in clinic or rehabilitation center

Home care

Solutions designed to monitor vital signs in a personalized care setting to enable early detection or tracking of chronic disease

* Patent pending