Medical staff availability

Developed countries face a large shortage of medically trained staff now and in the near future. In the Netherlands alone, it is expected that in 2025 there will be a need for 125,000 additional nurses1

This shortage leads to an increase in workload: 79% of nurses are already experiencing a (too) high workload . For more than half (54%) of the nurses, this pressure has led to one or more errors. Finally, absenteeism is increasing (now 6%)2

Quality of care

In addition to the fact that healthcare sick leave in the Netherlands alone costs 3.3 billion euros annually3

If complications are noticed too late after surgery, this can lead to the patient being (re)admitted to the intensive care unit. Some complications can even be fatal for the patient (for example Sepsis).

Inicare Nura, automated vital signs monitoring

With Inicare Nura you can continuously monitor vital function of the general ward population

Inicare provides a wearable, wireless system for monitoring vital signs of patients outside of intensive and medium care. Our smart algorithms process and analyze the patient vital function data to visualize patient actual status based on an early warning score method, efficiently bringing the nurse to the patient when needed.

With a smart strap on the patient’s wrist, Inicare Nura accurately and reliably monitors and reports heart rate, blood pressure, saturation and temperature continuously. By notifying hospital staff of changes in patients’ vital signs, Inicare Nura brings the nurse to the patient when needed.


Tracking of HR, BP, Sp02 and temperature, four vital signs widely used in clinical practice

Patient priority score system brings care efficiently where it is needed, when needed

Seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure


Workload decrease
Automating vital signs monitoring will save time for nursing staff, as there will be no need to perform manual blood pressure, temperature and heart rate measurements anymore. Time that can now be spent on patient care.

Early detection of patient deterioration
Inicare Nura provides affordable real-time monitoring for your patients. The Inicare Nura system will notify you of patient deterioration using the patient priority index. This allows intervention before the condition worsens thereby improving patient outcomes, shortening hospital stays and lowering treatment costs.

of unanticipated hospital deaths happen on the general ward4

But which patients should you monitor closely?
Inicare Nura’s patient priority score helps to identify these patients allowing timely and effective intervention when needed.

of ICU patients are readmitted to intensive care5

Post-ICU monitoring results in a decrease in the number of patient being readmitted to intensive care units. Inicare Nura helps to continuously monitor these patients allowing timely and effective intervention when needed and reduce ICU readmittance rate.

Our solutions

Inicare develops technology that helps to improve quality of life. We apply this technology in different clinical areas.

Home Care

Solutions designed to monitor vital signs in a personalized homecare setting to enable early detection or tracking of chronic disease.

Professional Care

Innovative bedside monitoring solutions for use in clinic or rehabilitation centre.

*Patent pending.
1,2,3,4,5References are on file with Inicare.

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